Portland Performing Arts Video is dedicated to providing local artists excellent video services at a reasonable price. We specialize in video documentation of dance, theater, and music performances. To ensure the highest quality results only high-definition video cameras and professional equipment are used. We can create videos for archival purposes, promotional materials, grants, fundraisers, work samples, teaching reels, YouTube and other websites.

Here’s what we can do for you…

Video is an effective way to get the word out about your performance. Footage can be used from a dress rehearsal or preview to create a video that builds your audience. We’ve helped well known companies promote their work, including Portland Opera, Portland Taiko, and local artist like Patrick Gracewood.
Eric Nordstrom: Editor & Videographer | Falstaff, Portland Opera

Make your Kickstarter or other fundraising campaign a success! This video, made for Dance Naked Productions, helped raise over $10,000 for their performance.
Eric Nordstrom: Editor & Videographer | The Dawn of Sex, Dance Naked Productions

Performance Documentation | Multiple Cameras
This is an example of a two camera shoot. Multiple camera angles create dynamic edits. Good for promotion, work samples and comprehensive documentation.
Eric Nordstrom: Editor, Peter Richards: Videographer, Victoria Uris: Choreographer | Alarums and Excursions 

Performance Documentation | Single Camera
This is an example of a single camera shoot. The camera stays wide to capture all the action. One camera shoots do not allow for editing, but are good for basic archival purposes.
Eric Nordstrom: Editor, Peter Richards: Videographer, Victoria Uris: Choreographer | Alarums and Excursions  

Site-specific locations can add important context to your work. Is there a space outside of the theater that you want to work in? We’ll follow you there.
Eric Nordstrom: Editor & Videographer , Lindsay Caddle LaPointe: Choreography

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